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Mr BlueShoes
I have seen at least 15 years of programs at the CAC and this one was the best I can remember. Mr. Blue Shoes was so good with the kids. I did not see one bored or restless student, but all were listening and following any of the things he wanted them to do   He had a great lesson; I learned several new things myself, and I am sure that many of the kids will want to know more and listen more to the blues!

Pam Boivie, Kennedy Powell Elementary

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"The presentation was, hands down, the most effective and engaging presentation I have witnessed in 25 years of teaching!"


Keith A. Hoffman, Frank Guzick Elementary, Dallas, Texas

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The Experience

Mr. Blue Shoes is a one hour, highly interactive and engaging, multisensory live music experience that combines Blues music, oral history and life lessons, designed to inspire children of all ages about music and learning. Covering a span of 400 years, music, song, dance and storytelling immerse students in a historical journey through America’s cultural heritage.

Following a historical timeline, children learn about:

  • West African culture
  • Early 20th century history
  • Famous Blues Musicians
  • The Great Migration
  • Blues music’s influence on American music
  • Engagement and Learning

Audience participation and learning are keystones of the experience. The oral and visual elements of the program address all learning styles and complement classroom curriculum in language arts, social studies, science, and physical education using something that has universal appeal across young audiences – music.

Not only will children be engaged throughout the performance, they will become part of the performance – singing, dancing, clapping, participate in call and response and perhaps even visiting the stage! In fact, children are so engaged that Mr. Blue Shoes concludes with a yoga breathing exercise to calm the senses before departing.

Academic Highlights

The Mr. Blue Shoes experience aligns with academic standards, includes integrated lesson plans, addresses all learning styles and is appropriate for K-12 and family audiences.

Program Costs and Frequently Asked Questions

All of the program costs and a list of commonly asked questions can be found via the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Grants are also available for Mr. Blue Shoes

  • Texas Commission on the Arts
  • Dallas Arts Partners / Big Thought
  • Target Corporation
  • Cartridges for Kids
  • Mid America Arts Alliance
  • Midwest Arts Alliance

Learn more about how you can receive a grant for this program via our Grant Page.

Mr BlueShoes